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5 Ways to Find Motivated Buyers Now in Detroit

Ways to Find Motivated Buyers Now in Detroit

Are you looking for ways to find motivated buyers for your real estate properties? Do you invest in real estate but have difficulty finding the right buyers in Detroit? Perhaps you are looking in the wrong place.

The key to locating the right buyers for your real estate properties is to match up the properties you are selling with the types of people most interested in obtaining those properties. Here are 5 ways to find motivated buyers now in Detroit, .

5 Ways to Find Motivated Buyers for Your Properties

If you are looking for ways to find the right buyers for your real estate properties, you have to learn to think like the buyer. What is important to them? What type of property are they looking for? Considering these factors can help you to tune into what the buyer is after.

Buyers generally want help with the following things:

  • Finding the right home to purchase
  • Determining what homes in the same range are selling for
  • Negotiating the price for the best deal
  • Negotiating the terms of sale
  • Help with paperwork and forms

If you can figure out how to help potential buyers with these areas of concern, you may be able to win over a buyer who might be on the fence about one of your properties.

Beyond offering help to your potential buyers, look into these 5 ways to find motivated buyers now to find the best potential investors for your properties.

  1. Search the classifieds (both off and online). If you want to get an idea about who is looking for properties, you should start with the classified ads. People often place ads asking for certain types of properties that they may be looking for in Detroit as well as other parts of . It takes a keen eye to pick up on these ads but if you check them regularly, it may pay off for you when trying to sell properties. Check online ads too in places like Craigslist or Realestate.com to see what people are searching for and what is available.
  2. Place an ad yourself. Just as you can locate motivated buyers by searching the classified ads, you can sometimes find buyers by placing an ad for your property yourself. Make the ad attractive using the best photo possible to represent the house, then create a compelling description using words that resonate with your target audience. You can also place your home with a real estate agency and then they will list the property for you in their section of the newspaper.
  3. Create a real estate video. Video sells better than any other medium. If you can create stunning sales video that shows a tour of the house (both inside and outside), you will draw more interest from motivated buyers. Place the video on YouTube and your social media accounts and use descriptive words that match up with what potential buyers are looking for including the location in which the home is located.
  4. Buy real estate leads.  One unconventional way to find people who are wanting to buy real estate properties is to purchase real estate leads. Companies such as Experian.com offer a way to purchase real estate leads that help you locate more motivated buyers. However, you should use this cautiously as some leads may be recycled and sold again.
  5. Use social media. Another way to find potential buyers is to use Facebook or other social media. By placing an ad, submitting posts and photos offering information on your properties, you may be able to connect with the perfect buyers via social media outlets.

Find Motivated Buyers in Detroit

We hope you have benefitted from these 5 ways to find motivated buyers in Detroit for your real estate properties. Another way to find motivated buyers now is to get help from us. We are experts when it comes to finding motivated buyers in Detroit.

Someone in is probably looking for a property right now. Call us today at (248) 460-1606 or visit our website and we’ll help you connect with motivated buyers.

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