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About Estate Home Options


My name is Dennis Fassett and I’m a real estate investor here in Metro Detroit. I was born and raised here, and I work with Personal Representatives, Trustees, and others who have estate homes that either aren’t good candidates to list with an agent, or that need to be sold quickly without a lot of hassle.Fassett Family

How I Got Started

I got started helping with estate homes back in 2004. I was the trustee for my mother when she passed away, and as I was trying to close her estate I learned how difficult it was to sell a home that wasn’t in any condition to sell the standard way without sinking a lot of money into it that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get back when it sold.

So after I had jumped through all the legal hoops with the court, the attorney, and three contentious heirs and her estate was closed, I saw an opportunity to help others with the process. I purchased my first estate home in 2004, and I’ve been working with estates ever since.

I think I’m somewhat unique in this business in that I’ve been through the process myself, so I know what you’re going through. Over the years I’ve developed an expertise working with personal representatives and trustees and the sometimes difficult and delicate situations that estates sometimes present. And I bring that experience, discretion, and maturity into every consultation.

Why Estate Home Options?

Because this is all about YOU. Your needs. Your situation. And your house.

I get that. And I do business with that in mind.

So I’d sincerely appreciate it if you would give me the opportunity to make an offer on your home. I’d like to earn your trust. And your business.

I want to let you know that the quickest and easiest way to sell your estate home at a fair cash price is to avoid the standard listing process and sell directly to a buyer like me. You’ll avoid the hassle of endless showings and the real estate commission, and we close a lot faster too.

As I mentioned, I’ve been buying estate homes since 2004. I buy them quickly, at a fair price and without expensive broker fees or bank closing costs. and while there are other companies in our market who will buy your home directly, none can match our level of experience, personal service, discretion, and professionalism.

Here are 5 reasons that make Estate Home Options the home buyers Metro Detroit clients choose:

    1. I’ll buy your home fast. I can get an offer into your hands within 24 hours, and I close when the title work is complete, usually in a couple of weeks or less. Unless of course you need more time. Then I’ll work around your schedule, not mine. That’s a lot better than waiting months and months, holding dozens of open houses and never getting a decent offer.
    2. You’ll avoid costly real estate broker fees and bank closing costs. Selling direct to Estate Home Options means you won’t have to pay a commission that could run into thousands of dollars, or bank closing costs that can eat up even more of your cash.
    3. I make guaranteed offers. That means once we come to terms and a purchase agreement is signed, your house is sold. I don’t know of another direct home buying company in the area that can make that claim. I make guaranteed offers with confidence and practice it every day.
    4. My team has been involved in over 3000 real estate transactions over the last 16 years. We’ve seen pretty much everything over that time, and so we’re experts in getting transactions done.
    5. I pay cash and I buy as-is. So there’s no need to lift a finger to any clean up or clean out. I buy in any price range. And I buy both pretty and ugly houses.

My secret is very simple: I buy houses that Metro Detroit residents want to sell quickly, for cash, at a fair price.

Can I make you an offer this week? It only takes a few minutes to set up the appointment. And it’s free and confidential.

Sell your House This Week

Ready to sell your house the fast, easy way? Call Estate Home Options now at (248) 971-0764. Or fill out the form below we’ll get things started.

I look forward to working with you!

No obligation. No high pressure. No sales pitch.

Our Team

Estate and Probate Home DetroitDennis Fassett

Dennis was born and raised in Metro Detroit. He’s local – and he knows the area because he’s been a real estate investor here since January of 2004.

He has experience helping sellers in many different situations, including those facing foreclosure and divorce, properties in probate, and those who are frustrated landlords. He’s seen it all.



Probate and Estate Home Detroit

 Ron Walraven

Ron is a former foreclosure real estate agent who recently shifted his focus to real estate investing. He’s been involved in over 3000 real estate transactions since the year 2000, so he has broad experience with helping homeowners facing pretty much any type of dilemma with a home.



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